Features and Benefits

Contact Management

Customer centric focus 
Customer relationship information is build around individuals and companies. Manage your contact detail in TopSales comprehensive contact management system and build a long lasting relationship with your customers. 

Contact profile screen shots

Advance contact classification
Segment by demographic data
. Segment your contact database by demographic fields such as age, gender, zip code, job title etc. There are 40 user definable text fields, 10 number fields and 5 date fields. System allows validation on user definable fields (text type) during data entry. Create multiple contact list based on area of interest.

User definable contact profile using HTML file.

Categorized by relationship. Group contacts by their relationships.

Categorized by tags. Assign a tag or keyword to contact.  Multiple tags can be assigned to each contact. User can the search contacts by tag.

Categorized by interest. Create mailing list based on your contacts' interests. There are 20 user definable flags to categorized your contacts.

Contact analysis. Analyze your contact by demographic data. You can also analyze your mailing list and their responses. Email received will be automatically link to contact record based on sender email address. User can view contact history of email received.

Contact profile function is integrated with MS Office.

Centralized Contact Database
Contacts data can be shared across LAN, so users in different PCs can access the same data. User also has the option to mark a contact record private.

Company profiles
Capture company data and analyze.
Create company profile for your contact's company. Group contacts by company. Search and analyze companies data with advanced reporting and analysis tools for your sales and marketing activities.

Integrated Web Search
Using contact data selected, Topsales will auto-fill Google search text box with contact name and company name for web search. Contact address will be auto-fill into MapQuest map search function.

Web link to contact Facebook and Twitter web page.

Some of the contact reports available:

  1. Contact phone list
  2. Contact phones & email
  3. Contact address and phones
  4. Contact detail
  5. Contact notes
  6. Contact list - custom
  7. Contact list by company
  8. Contact list by state
  9. Mailing list
  10. Mailing label
  11. Company details
  12. Company list