Features and Benefits

Email Management

Easy to create and send messages
Cut, paste and publish.
Paste you message text or HTML code in the message text box.

Personalized "To" field and message body text. Send personalized "Dear John" emails instead of generic "Dear Everyone" emails.

Message sent history. All previously sent messages can be easily access. You can keep track which message is sent to who or to edit and reuse message content.

Direct send. Send email without using SMTP server.

Automation agent: Automate email sending or receiving process.

Email verifier - verify contact email address

Powerful list management
Mailing list management.
Subscribe requests, unsubscribe requests, and undelivered handled automatically.

List processor. Create multiple lists for different target or project. You can also split and merge list easily.

Email Organizer
Categorize email. Categorize email received using personal mail box. Email downloaded will be auto link to a contact based on email address in contact profile. User can then view emails by contact or group emails to a group of contacts.

Email header viewer. View email header without downloading the whole email. User can then manually choose which email to download. Useful for user with slow internet connection or to avoid download email with large attachment. Also useful for deleting spam email directly from email server without downloading it.