Features and Benefits

Sales Invoice and Analysis

Sales Data Entry/Invoicing and Analysis

  • Maintain customer account details
  • Enter your customer sales data and analyze them with powerful reporting and inquiries. Able to handle multi currency transaction.
  • Pricing matrix based on quantity
  • Handle multi currency transactions
  • Customer price history - Generate the listing of price history (ie agent, area, customer & etc) or using customer price history inquiry
  • Price history reference during sales item data entry
  • Recurring template setting for transactions to be repeated at any time intervals (weekly, monthly, yearly & etc)
  • Customer account activity function for inquiry about customer activity
  • Sales department grouping on invoice for sales analysis
  • Ageing report on customers sales and collection.
  • Credit limit report on customers
  • Generate invoice from quotation, sales order or delivery note
  • Keep track of sales by salesperson, agent or area. Print sales commission report based on collection.
  • Issue debit and credit note to customers
  • Issue quotation to customer
  • Various sales analysis reports for comparison and grouping in terms of product group, item, sales area, salesperson, customer and etc. are available.
  • Sales report can be exported to MS Excel for more customize analysis.
  • Invoice and quotation can be exported to MS word for user customize documentation
  • Batch process to generate customer invoice in pdf format. The pdf Invoices can then be emailed to customer in a batch process.

Some of sales analysis available:

  1. Customer summary
  2. Customer/product
  3. Product
  4. Product group
  5. Product group/customer
  6. Sales person/customer
  7. Sales person/product
  8. Sales person summary
  9. Product/customer transacted price
  10. Area/product
  11. Area/customer
  12. Account type
  13. Vendor/product
  14. Vendor/customer
  15. By sales value
  16. Customer by month
  17. Customer/product by month
  18. Product/customer by month
  19. Sales person by month
  20. Product by month
  21. Area by month
  22. Top/Bottom 10 Sales By Customer