Features and Benefits

Inventory Control

  • If you are selling your products through the Internet, this feature is great to keep track of your stock.
  • Analyze slow moving stocks quickly and get rid of them. Know exactly your stock level and when to reorder. Reduce stock taking time.
  • Abel to handle multi location - Multiple locations, warehouses, consignment & etc.
  • Stock group - Unlimited level of group settings on stocks, and capable with any category combination in stock reports.
  • Goods received and stock adjustment entry. Generate good received note from purchase order.
  • 24 types of inventory transactions


  Description Type
1.  Goods Receive Note Stock In
2. Goods Return To Supplier Stock Out
3. Goods Return For Repair Stock In
4. Goods Return After Repair Stock Out
5. Consignment Return Stock In
6. Consignment Stock Out
7. Goods On Loan Return Stock In
8. Goods On Loan Stock Out
9. Goods Return From Customer Stock In
10. Delivery Order (also also known as delivery note for some users) Stock Out
11. Stock Transfer In Stock In
12. Stock Transfer Out Stock Out
13. Replacement In Stock In
14. Replacement Out Stock Out
15. Manufacturing - Finish Goods Stock In
16. Manufacturing Order - Production Stock Out
17. M.O. – Material Return Stock In
18. M.O. – Extra Requirement Stock Out
19. Sample Stock In
20. Sample return Stock Out
21. Rental Stock In
22. Rental return Stock Out
23. Return merchandise authorization (RMA) inwards Stock In
24. RMA outwards Stock Out


Some of the inventory control reports available:

  1. Inventory transaction
  2. Inventory transaction summary
  3. Inventory movement by product
  4. Good received note list
  5. Delivery order list
  6. Quantity analysis by account
  7. Stock card
  8. Inventory balance
  9. Inventory balance by product group
  10. Outstanding delivery order
  11. Stock take sheet
  12. Stock reorder
  13. Stock availability
  14. Stock value
  15. Stock status and value
  16. Product group status and value