TopSales - a complete CRM, sales and marketing software for professionals and businesses.

With TopSales you can...


  • Maintain a complete contact management and build a long lasting relationship with you customers.
  • Manage your online newsletters easily.
  • Send personalized "Dear John" emails instead of generic "Dear Everyone" emails.
  • Increase your productivity and spend more time building your business instead of wasting time on administrative chores.
  • Manage and organize your documents easily. Merge contact fields into MS Word documents. It allows you to create personalized letters, memos and faxes.
  • Keep track of your orders, sales and inventory. Analyze and print sales reports.
  • Schedule web site visits. Useful for online advertiser to gauge advertising effectiveness.
  • Issue purchase order to suppliers.
  • And many more advanced features...


TopSales has been written specifically for the professionals and  businesses to contact their customer, build relationship more efficiently and more effectively than in the past.

Topsales allows co-workers to work and collaborate in more efficient and effective ways. It will improve sales team performance. Sales team can now focus on what they do best - selling.

Topsales application is portable. It can be installed on USB flash drives

For windows server users Topsales can be installed as a remoteapp service and access by remote users using windows client, Android client or Apple IOS client.

There are 3 editions available for TopSales software:


1 Basic Edition: Single user and multi user network version
2 Personal Edition: Single user and multi user network version
3 Professional Edition: Single user and multi user network version

Key Features and benefits

Features Comparison

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