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Microsoft Office

The Office 2007 file format list

Over the years, users have come to know and love Microsoft Office file extensions; .doc, .xls, and .ppt are probably the three most popular. With the release of Office 2007, Microsoft is planning on leaving those well-known augmentations in the past and replacing them with the new XML-based format that consists of 4-letter file extensions. Here is a comprehensive list of all of the formats and matching extensions.

The formats for Word are as follows:

* Word Document (.docx) - Default format
* Word Macro-enabled Document (.docm)
* Word Template (.dotx)
* Word Macro-enabled Document Template (.dotm)


* Excel Workbook (.xlsx) - Default format
* Excel Macro-enabled Workbook (.xlsm)
* Excel Template (.xltx)
* Excel Macro-enabled Workbook Template (.xltm)
* Excel Binary Workbook (.xlsb)
* Excel Add-in (.xlam)


* PowerPoint Presentation (.pptx) - Default format
* PowerPoint Macro-enabled Presentation (.pptm)
* PowerPoint Slide Show (.ppsx)
* PowerPoint Macro-enabled Slide Show (.ppsx)
* PowerPoint Template (.potx)
* PowerPoint Macro-enabled Presentation Template (.potm)
* PowerPoint Add-in (.ppam)

Of the 17 formats listed, 14 of them will be backwards compatible with Microsoft Office applications starting at Office 2000.