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Microsoft Office Resources

The Office 2007 file format list

MS Excel

Bytes conversion
Useful Excel worksheet for quick conversion of bytes, MB, GB, TB etc.
Download worksheet - Bytes_conversion.xls
Worksheet is contributed by Simon Sheppard.

Time planner
Track appointments for multiple people or resources in Excel. One spreadsheet covers one year - one month per page.
Download worksheet: TimePlanner.xls
Worksheet is contributed by Simon Sheppard.
Screen shot: time planner

Weekly planner
An Excel worksheet to track projects and appointments weekly progress.
Download worksheet: WeeklyPlanner.xls
Screen shot: weekly planner


MS Word

Generate MS Word calendar using outlook data.
Open up the template in Word and it should prompt you with a user form. If that doesn't work, go to the Macros command in the Tools menu and manually start the macro. This macro will search through your default calendar in Outlook and generate a beautifully formatted calendar in Word that you can print or save. User can choose weekly or monthly calendar.

Download template - calendar.dot
Template is contributed by Michael Sayre.

Calendar using Word template
Double click on the template. It will prompt user to enter a month in MMM/YYYY format. User can also run the ChangeDate() VBA macro to set the month.

Download template - Wordcalendar.dot
Screen shot: WordCalendar

Weekly planner
A 12 weeks planner in Word file.
Download template - 12week_planner.doc
Screen shot: 12WeekPlanner

Weekly time planner
A weekly time planner in Word file.
Download template - WeeklyTimePlanner.doc
Screen shot: WeeklyTimePlanner

More MS Office utilities available for Topsales user, click here for more info.

User who like to contribute MS Office tips for the benefits of other users can send it to support@ceeksoft.com