CRM, Sales & Marketing Software

Some of the reports available in Topsales

Contact Reports

  1. Contact phone list 1

  2. Contact phone list 2
  3. Contact phone list 3
  4. Contact phones & email
  5. Contact address and phones
  6. Contact detail
  7. Contact notes
  8. Contact list - custom (3 columns)
  9. Contact list - custom (5 columns)
  10. Contact list - custom (2x5 columns)
  11. Contact list by company
  12. Contact list by state
  13. Mailing list
  14. Mailing label

You can use topsales powerful query criteria to customize your report output.
For example: you like to print all your contacts from New York City, just enter New York in the city criteria and press OK button to get the report.

For contact reports there are two type of record selection methods:

  1. Range based selection

  2. Filter based selection


Activities Reports

  1. Activities by date

  2. Activities by contact
  3. Activities by project
  4. To-do list

Company Reports

  1. Company details

  2. Company list - custom (3 columns)
  3. Company list - custom (5 columns)
  4. Company list - custom (2x5 columns)

Marketing Reports

  1. Lead source quantity

  2. Lead source sales analysis.
  3. Marketing plans
  4. Marketing plan actions by date

Product Reports

  1. Product summary list

  2. Product summary list by description
  3. Product detail list
  4. Product selling price
  5. Product price analysis
  6. Vendor - last purchased price
  7. Product group list

Customer/Vendor Reports

  1. Account list by a/c code

  2. Account summary list

Sales Reports

  1. Sales detail

  2. Sales summary
  3. Sales order list
  4. Sales order - items delivered
  5. Sales order by vendor/product
  6. Sales order by vendor/product/customer
  7. Sales order by vendor/customer
  8. Sales order by vendor/requested delivery date
  9. Sales order by sale person/customer

Sales Analysis

  1. Customer summary

  2. Customer/product
  3. Product
  4. Product group
  5. Product group/customer
  6. Sales person/customer
  7. Sales person/product
  8. Sales person summary
  9. Product/customer transacted price
  10. Area/product
  11. Area/customer
  12. Account type
  13. Vendor/product
  14. Vendor/customer
  15. By sales value
  16. Customer by month
  17. Customer/product by month
  18. Product/customer by month
  19. Sales person by month
  20. Product by month
  21. Area by month
  22. Top/Bottom 10 Sales By Customer

Most sales analysis reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel.

 Bank Reports

  1. Transaction category

  2. Department
  3. Receipt daily collection
  4. Receipt summary
  5. Customer ageing detail
  6. Customer account activity
  7. Customer balance summary
  8. Bank book
  9. Bank reconciliation
  10. Income statement
  11. Expenses list

 Inventory Control

  1. Inventory transaction.

  2. Inventory transaction summary
  3. Inventory movement by product
  4. Good received note list
  5. Delivery order list
  6. Quantity analysis by account
  7. Stock card
  8. Inventory balance
  9. Inventory balance by product group
  10. Outstanding delivery order
  11. Stock take sheet
  12. Stock reorder
  13. Stock availability
  14. Stock value
  15. Stock status and value
  16. Product group status and value

  And many more reports with flexible selection criteria.

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