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Features and Benefits

Comparison to MS Outlook

Limitations of MS Outlook

- Data stored in users’ Private Mailboxes (Contacts, Appointments, etc)
- Limited sharing of information
- Frequent duplication of data
- Outlook has limited Folders (eg Contacts but no Companies, etc)
- It is difficult for Users to Link items
- No Customer view of all interactions

Topsales advantages

- Topsales database structure allows easy and quick reference of contacts, companies and their activities.
- Data can be easily shared among all users in a local network. Using remote access software like terminal service or VNC, data can also be shared through internet. System administrator can set security control for each user on what record user can edit or view.
- Calendar and tasks can be shared with co-workers without purchasing expensive software like MS Exchange.
- Topsales has function to check duplicate contacts names and email addresses.
- Topsales has company profile for your contact's company. User can group contacts by company. Search and analyze companies data with advanced reporting and analysis tools for your sales and marketing activities.
- Easy to link documents like MS Word and Excel files to contact.
- User can also setup relationships between contacts and companies.
- Added CRM functionality (example: companies, sales opportunities, products/services, billing)